Emphasizing its respect for users' privacy, Stock Company requests information from users in order to purchase, register or use certain features of the Website in order to provide safe and secure services to users. To process and send the order, information such as address, phone number and e-mail are required, and since all activities of Stock Company are legal and based on e-commerce laws, and during the purchase process, an official invoice and a value-added certificate at the request of legal customers. It is therefore necessary to enter information such as name and national code for natural persons or economic code and national ID for corporate purchases. It should be noted that the e-mail and telephone addresses that the customer registers in his profile are the only official and approved e-mail and telephone addresses of the customer, and all correspondence and responses of the company are done through them.


Therefore, entering the address, e-mail and mobile and landline numbers by the customer, confirms their accuracy, and if the above items are not entered correctly or completely, Stack company can from the customer to ensure the accuracy and certainty of order registration. , Request additional information and more.


Customers can enter the name, address and phone number of another person to receive the order, and Stock will only use this information to send the same order.


Stock Company also obtains or uses the application with the permission of the user to obtain the following information anonymously from the user. This information is collected as necessary and appropriate for purposes such as studying the cause of error reporting and improving system errors and user experience when using the stock and website of Stock Company, as well as marketing research and providing services and more relevant purchase offers to users. They are used in a way that is not directly related to a specific person.


- Device type, language and type of operating system of your device, Android ID and Android advertising ID for your device, searches performed on the website and application of Stock Company and selected results, duration and intervals of your use of Stock Company, installed applications , Technical information and server reports including network type and browser type and version


This information is used only by Stock Company and is not shared with any other business partner. Also, if the user requests, the previous information will be deleted and this information will not be collected after that.


In case of crashes, the following information is collected to study the cause of the crashes and fix the error:


- Whether the device is rooted or not, the amount of total RAM and the amount of full space during interruptions, day and hour of events, wireless network on or off, data network on or off, roaming status on or off.


Stack collects information by cookie. A cookie is a file created by a browser at the request of a site and allows the site to store your visits and customize them. Many browsers allow you to disable cookies, so you can read the browser guide.


Stack will send emails or text messages to members of the Website to inform them of events and news, special services or promotions. If users do not wish to receive such emails and text messages, they can unsubscribe from receiving the Stack newsletter in their profile. Failure to do so will result in tacit consent to the receipt of emails and messages and disqualification.


Note that 100033863430 is the number through which Stock Company sends SMS to its users and customers. These numbers are also the SMS sending system that informs the users about the status of order processing or special events, services and services of Stock Company, and it is clear that it is not possible to receive your messages through it.


Therefore, sending any text message under the name of Stack Company with any other number is a violation and abuse of the name of Stack Company, and if you receive such a text message, please inform for legal action.


Stock Company may edit user reviews and comments in accordance with the rules of the website. Also, if the comment or message sent by the user is subject to instances of criminal content, Stock Company can use the registered information for legal action. Users, while using the services of Stack Company website, grant Stack Company the right to edit the information and use it in the above-mentioned framework, and deprive them of the right to object.

It should be emphasized that password protection and username are the responsibility of users and therefore to prevent any possible misuse, users should not disclose that information to another person. If the user assigns their mobile number to another person, in order to prevent abuse or possible problems, users should change their mobile number in the profile and register a new number.


The user is responsible for any possible damages that result from the non-observance of the above by the user and the user deprives him of the right to make any claim against Stock Company. Stock Company keeps the personal identity of the users confidential and does not transfer their personal information to any other person or organization, unless it is obliged to provide it to the competent authorities by a competent judicial or administrative authority or in accordance with the current laws and regulations of the country. There is no legal liability for compensation for Stock Company and users have expressed their consent to use the services of the website and have also waived the right to any objection.


It also informs users that Stack, like other websites, uses IP aggregation and cookies. A cookie is a file created by a browser at the request of a site, allowing the site to store and customize your visits. Many browsers allow you to disable cookies, so you can read the browser guide. But Stack's protocols, servers, and security layers and appropriate data management practices make every effort to protect users' information and prevent unauthorized access. Naturally, the responsibility for any misuse lies with the offending person or persons, and Stack reserves the right to object and pursue it legally at its discretion.


If you do not wish to receive Stack emails and newsletters, you can click on the word unsubscribe at the bottom of the email page.


Stock Company does its best to protect the information and privacy of its users and hopes to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for all users.


If you have any questions, please contact the contact information below.


Phone and fax: 031-33863430


Head office: Isfahan, Amirkabir Industrial Town, Ata Al-Molk Street, between blocks 23 and 24