Standard Parts

           فهرست تصویری قطعات پیش ساخته



  • Guide Pillar For Large Tools D022


    ● Material : Steel, Surface Hardened
    ● DIN 9833/ISO 9182-3
    ● Surface hardness: 60+2 HRC.
    ● Hardness penetration depth: 1.5 mm.
    ● Up to fd1=80 without central hole.
    ● By fd1=80 with 1 lifting thread M12 .
    ● From fd1=100 with central hole(through) and with 2 lifting threads M12 .
    ● The guide pillar is only recommended in use with solid lubricants. (D046 , D043 ).

  • Guide Pillar With Collar D029


    ● Material : Steel, Surface Hardened
    ● Surface hardness: 60+2 HRC.
    ● Hardness penetration depth: 1.5 mm.
    ● The guide pillar is only recommended in use with solid lubricants. (D046 , D043 ).

  • I NUT E410


    From 113,00 ₽
  • Die Set Unit 3SU


    ● Plates Materisal: 1.1730
    ● The stamping Die accuracy starts with the Die set and Guide system.
    ● In this drawing has been tried to consider all basic requirements of a progressive Die set for excessive production.
    ● The spacers in the Dies make the Die changing height comfortably in the maintenance and repairing.
    ● The guide pillar with hole reduces inertia in Die that it’s suitable for high speed.

  • Pressure Elastomer Spring D63/80


    ● Material : PUR/80 Shore A



    ● Material : Forged and Heat- Treated Steel

    From 1 521,00 ₽
  • FLAT CLAMP E3061


    ● Low Height
    ● Material: Heat-Treated Steel

  • SCREW E4021


    ● Adjustable

    From 143,00 ₽


    ● DIN 787
    ● M8-M12 strength class 10.9
    ● M14-M30 strength class 8.8
    ● Rolled thread.

    From 50,50 ₽
  • Silicone Spray Locset350


    Multi-purpose, silicon-based mould release agent. Preferably used for all kinds of plastics processing, such as injection moulding, compression moulding, blow moulding etc., for thermoplastics, thermoset plastics and elastomers, not for silicone rubber. may also be used when machining plastics material. reduces friction of plastic, rubber and metal surfaces. no physiological side effects, does not cause layering. for temperatures up to 250 c . not recommended for parts requiring subsequent surface treatment, such as printing, painting etc.

  • Mould M1616


    ● مزیت بزرگ بدنه های قالب ستاک, ارائه كلاس دقت و قابلیت تعویض ، جابجایی و تغییر صفحات و اجزاء به هر دلیل و نیز وجود مبنای مناسب برای ماشینکاری است.

    From 478,00 ₽
  • Sprue Bush D511


    ● Material:~1.6582 / 55±2HRC
    ● DIN 16752-D

  • Guide Bush D10


    ● Material : ~ 1.7131 | 720HV
    ● DIN 16761-C
    * Different From DIN 16716-C

    From 277,00 ₽
  • Economic Ejector Pin-Conical head D42E


    ● Material : Steel-hardend
    ● WS ; Alloy tool steel
    - Material No: 1.2210, 1.2516, 1.2842 or Similar. Characteristics: Hard and tough tool steel, medium wear resistance.
    - Application Field: Ejectors and inserts for injection moulds and piercing/blanking dies for mild steels, low carbon steels, non-ferrous metals, plastics and paper

    From 0,00 ₽
  • Dowel Pin D25


    ● DIN EN 28734/ISO 8734-A
    ● Hardness 60±2 HRC

    From 17,00 ₽
  • Anaerobic Adhesive-Thread Loking

    Anaerobic Adhesive-Thread Loking

    ● LOCSET Thread Locking
    This group is used to secure the bolts or Thread locking , which may be opened continuously due to vibration or shock loads. The thread used prevents corrosion and sealing. By choosing the correct type of LOCSET, after curing, it is possible to open the screw, nut our thread with generally tools.

    From 83,50 ₽
  • Glue(quick-drying)


    ● Cyanacrylate adhesives would be curing at damp weather and less thickness. It is a glue for general purposes and producing on different strengths and viscosities.
    Temperature rang for continuous operation is -20°c to 100°c. Available container weights 10gr, 20gr and 50gr.

    From 150,50 ₽
  • Precision Punch D220


    ● DIN 9844, Shape A
    ● Material : HSS , HST

  • Gate Valve (Pneumatic) D566


    ● Needle valve systems are an important tool in controlling the hot injection process. These valves give outstanding features to the produced parts and process by opening and closing the nozzle inlet. Some of the features of this system are:
    1- Ensure that unwanted material does not overflow into the cavity
    2- Disconnect the material inside the nozzle from the part
    3- Ability to achieve higher quality parts of the piece.
    4- More hiding the effect of the injection.
    5- Ability to eliminate cold welding in large parts that are filled with several nozzles.
    6- Achieving the desired quality for large and complex parts with the possibility of selecting the order and creating sequences in opening and closing the nozzles.
    7- Reduce injection pressure
    8- Reduce injection time

  • Plate B5


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

    From 324,50 ₽
  • Plate B6


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

  • From 785,50 ₽
  • Plate B8


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

    From 1 339,50 ₽
  • Plate B9


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

    From 1 076,50 ₽
  • Plate F50


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

    From 478,00 ₽
  • Plate F51


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

    From 517,50 ₽
  • Plate F60


    ● Materiyal:1.0037

    From 557,50 ₽