Slow Opening Solenoid Valve

Slow Opening Solenoid Valve

Product specifications :

Normally closed automatic slow opening solenoid valve opens the flow of gas when the coil is electrically powered and closes when it offs. It can be controlled by thermostats, switches, etc.

شیر برقی آرام ستاک
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Ordering Code Description Nominal size Inlet pressure range زنجیره فروش Price Add to cart
Slow opening solenoid valve DN15 (Rp 1/2 ) Up to 200 mbar اصفهان - شرکت ستاک
1,860,000 تومان
1,813,500 تومان
Slow opening solenoid valve DN20 (Rp 3/4 ) Up to 200 mbar اصفهان - شرکت ستاک
1,964,000 تومان
1,914,900 تومان
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