Gas Pressure Regulator


Product specifications :
Marked and approved by Iranian National Standardization Organization : INSO 6027-1 (Category A, Group 12)
In accordance with the standard : EN 88-1 (Category A, Group 12)
Working temperature : -15 up to 60°С
Gas types : Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, Air, Town gas
Threaded connections : DN15 (Rp1/2)
Dimensions (mm) : 70x64x53
Weight (Kg) : 0.2

Gas pressure closing regulator SET201 with inlet pressure up to 250 mbar use for low capacities. It is usable for small consumers such as pilot light.

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Gas Pressure Regulator
Picture of Gas Pressure Regulator
Ordering Code Nominal size Inlet pressure range دامنه تنظیم فشار خروجی (میلی بار) Filtration Price Add to cart
DN15 Up to 250 mbar 30 - 20 No Out of stock
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