Integrated Flange SET952

Product specifications :
Strength and leakage according to the national standard of Iran : INSO22107 (Group 2)
In accordance with the standard : EN 13611
Working temperature : -15 up to 60°С
Connection : DN40, DN50

Integrated flange SET952 is designed to convert SETAAK threaded products into a flange control. This product includes an integrated flange, 4 screws, and one O-ring. It can be easily installed with SET953. A threaded control can be converted to a flanged one by a pair of SET952.

ایجاد تیکت
Integrated Flange SET952
اتصالات جانبی مدل SET952
اتصالات جانبی مدل SET952
Ordering Code Description Nominal size Price Add to cart
Integrated Flange DN40
522,50 ₽
509,50 ₽
Integrated Flange DN50
688,50 ₽
671,50 ₽
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