• Rotating Flange


    Rotating flange SET950X with Flange interface are suitable for converting threaded regulators, controls, relief valves and etc. to a flanged one.

  • Integrated Flange


    Integrated flange SET952 is designed to convert SETAAK threaded products into a flange control. This product includes an integrated flange, 4 screws, and one O-ring. It can be easily installed with SET953. A threaded control can be converted to a flanged one by a pair of SET952.

    From 575,00 ₽
  • Accessory


    SET953 has a package of 4 screws, 4 nuts, and 8 washers to connect flanges to each other.

    From 24,50 ₽
  • PTN (Pressure tapping nipple)


    PTN (Pressure tapping nipple) SET1415 with M8x1 connection can be installed in the desired part to measure the gas line pressure. PTN diameter (9 mm) is according to the national standard of Iran.

    From 22,50 ₽